Thursday, April 03, 2008

The boys and the brown stuff

Hope you've been enjoying the sparring in the comments box of Sunday's match report as much as I have.

It seems Harry Hotspur took exception to us drawing attention to his preview, in which he delighted in referring to Kevin Keegan as "Kave-in" and claimed we've "always produced a turgid brand of football".

Rather than point out that our supposedly "turgid" football brought us Champions League qualification, something of which Spurs can still only dream, we left it to regular reader Mosh to mention the "Entertainers" tag we earned in our first season in the Premiership - when, incidentally, we finished third, something of which Spurs can still only etc etc.

Un'appy 'Arry's reply? "Frankly son, your club has always been more synonymous with Gravy and Toplessness amongst it's male fans". (Note capital letters for emphasis.)

Now, I'm not denying that sections of the Toon's away following, some of whom are on the rotund side, have a propensity for baring their wobbly bits - but the fact that we're also synonymous with gravy is a new one on me. I had no idea, so thanks for informing me.

Of course the implication is that Geordies - simple gravy-eating folk - are inferior to sophisticated Cockney types. Yes, that'd be sophisticated Cockney types who consider such delights as jellied eels a culinary delicacy. Give me gravy every time.

(Or did you actually mean that our club is "synonymous with the gravy train", Harry? If so, then I grudgingly take your point...)

Anyway, to bring this post belatedly back to football, anyone else think "Gravy and Toplessness" might be Mark Viduka's favourite search term on Google?


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