Tuesday, March 25, 2008

View from the Cottage window

Whilst on my internet meanderings last night I stumbled across Fulham blog Craven Cottage Newsround, where a Fulham fan's reaction to Saturday's game can be found. I'm not sure about Jimmy Bullard "peppering the Newcastle goal with long-shots" - peppering the hardy souls sat behind the goals, more like - but there you go. Had Bullard been on song, the result could have been different - but he wasn't, we picked up three invaluable points to move six clear of Bolton in 18th, and Fulham are left staring relegation right in its ugly mug. (Note to any jubilant readers out there: leaving a comment to the effect of "Can we play you every week?" wouldn't be very nice.)

Also discovered on my travels, a couple of decent general football blogs:

Some People Are On The Pitch

Back in the archives of the latter is this post about awful football strips, which features our very own thick-and-thin-barcode shirt of the early 90s. Don't think it was that bad, myself - not as bad as the canary yellow away strip we had at the time, for a start - and it brings back fond memories of a time when Kevin Keegan's main striking option was David 'Ned' Kelly. Now it's £17m worth of England striker - how times have changed.

Incidentally, Ned also turns up in one of Some People Are On The Pitch's recent Friday Lists Of Little Or No Consequence. The subject? "13 Places Where Players From The 1994 Republic of Ireland World Cup Squad Were Born". I'll give you one guess as to where those 13 WEREN'T born...

(All three blogs have been added to the sidebar. One of these days I'll get round to giving it a proper spring clean - compared to personal sites, football blogs seem to have an extraordinarily short existence.)


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