Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Passing the buck

I didn't think it'd be long before Fat Sam started sounding off about his brief spell on Tyneside, and sure enough...

"Looking back over that short period of time I don’t think any of it was particularly my fault".

Nice to see you've gone away, reflected on your failings and decided to face up to responsibility there, Sam.

"We didn’t have as much money as I expected. I came to Newcastle to spend big".

So Mike Ashley's to blame, then? Correct me if I'm wrong, though, but didn't he give you £18m to spunk on Alan Smith, Jose Enrique and Joey Barton, all of whom have been consistently appalling and one of whom may well have landed himself a jail sentence?

"I told the owners we’d get stick at some point and obviously they haven’t been able to withstand that".

Accusing Ashley of being weak and yellow-bellied as well as miserly, are we? Interesting, coming from someone whose gruesomely negative tactics are the epitome of cowardice.

"As a manager, you’re dependent on two sets of people - your owners and your players. Life is not in your hands".

Because of course as soon as you sit down in a managerial hot-seat you lose all ability to shape your own fate.

"It was the agitators who were the problem, the press and one or two of the ex-players. All the old managers that I’ve spoken to have said the same."

So you can't influence results and performances as manager, but the press and ex-players (who could he be referring to, I wonder...) can? I see. Strange how Keegan's been quick to get ex-players more involved with the club, isn't it? And my guess is that by "all the old managers" you really mean Graeme Souness, another embittered buffoon who failed miserably but refused to admit culpability at any price.

"I don’t think the fans didn’t like me".

Wrong again, Sam, I'm afraid.


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