Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Support for the supporters

Things now look to have bottomed out for Northern Rock, but one person quick to speak out in support of the bank was former Newcastle boss Sir Bobby Robson.

Robson, who made a point of opening a new account with them yesterday morning, was quoted as saying: "Northern Rock has been very supportive and has shown great allegiance to the sporting fabric of the North East for many years and I feel it is only right to support them at this moment".

Hard to argue with him, given that they currently sponsor the Falcons rugby team, the Eagles basketball team and Durham County Cricket Club as well as Newcastle Utd. And that's not to mention their charity work through the Northern Rock Foundation, which has donated £175m to date to good causes in the region. It would be a massive blow if the bank did ultimately go under, and not just for their thousands of employees and customers.


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