Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hey Joey

The wrangling's finally over, if the BBC site is to be believed - they're claiming that Joey Barton has at last formally signed for Newcastle.

So, we've got our ready-made replacement for Scott Parker - younger, a more regular goalscorer and arguably more influential, but also a proven troublemaker with an appalling disciplinary record on but particularly off the pitch. Despite what Paul has said (see comments here), I still find it hard to believe Barton's gall in insisting on payment of that £300,000 from City when they were perfectly within their rights to sack him for the Dabo incident and would presumably have done so had the issue not been clouded by the fact that he was their most saleable asset.

Still, as they say, it's time for a clean slate. If I can stomach the prospect of giving Fat Sam a chance to prove himself, then the same has to go for Barton. Keep your head to the ground and your nose out of trouble, Joey.

Meanwhile, after lengthy consideration Israeli defender Tal Ben Haim has opted to join Chelsea rather than team up with the man he's called gaffer for the past three seasons. Not that great a surprise, really, even taking into account the lure of playing under Allardyce. A big wad of cash for the odd appearance here and there and the chance of winning a medal or two (mainly by proxy) was always going to be more attractive than being charged with the onerous responsibility of sorting out our calamitous defence. I only hope David Rozenhal doesn't get a more attractive offer before we can get him onboard.


A Man City fan's take on the Barton saga, with some special vitriol saved up for Fat Sam. Can't say I agree with it all, but the point about our appointment of 'Panorama's prime suspect #1 having sacked Kevin Bond for being Harry Redknapp's sidekick certainly hits home.


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