Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Spring clean

A bit early for spring cleaning (or perhaps not, with global warming gathering pace...), but you may have noticed that the B&W&RAO blogroll is now significantly shorter. That's because we've had a long-overdue cull of dead or dormant sites.

It got me wondering: WHY were there so many dormant football blogs in our blogroll? What is it with football sites dying, whether slowly or abruptly? Perhaps it's because setting one up seems like such a good idea in the first instance, but subsequently proves to be difficult to keep up. The world of football is fast-paced, so generally a football blog needs to be updated regularly and frequently for it to be worth reading - and that's a definite challenge, one which Paul and I occasionally struggle with ourselves, having Real Lives as well. But (modesty be damned) I don't think we do too bad a job of it, all told.

Anyway, apologies to anyone reading this whose blog has been removed from the list - if it's still got a pulse, let us know and we'll reinstate it. And if you're thinking of winding things up, then you couldn't hope to bow out in much better style than Trent End Talk, which has been quiet since this post in October, about the irrational passion for and allegiance to a team that the gloryseekers and moneymen just don't understand.


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