Sunday, February 18, 2007


Take this with more than a pinch of salt (it is the News Of The World, after all) but it seems as though our old friend Craig Bellamy felt he was in danger of losing the "bad boy" label and decided to do something about it.

Following Liverpool's defeat on Tyneside last weekend, they went off to a Portuguese training camp in preparation for this coming week's Champions League tie with Barcelona. After many an ale on Thursday night, it's alleged that a furious row broke out (over karaoke, of all things) which culminated with Bellamy giving team-mate John Arne Riise a good rap on the shins with a golf club.

We have to applaud the no-necked one on finding a novel way of landing himself in hot water for club-related antics...

Great to be able to look on and laugh safe in the knowledge that he isn't our problem any more, isn't it?


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