Friday, February 16, 2007

Emre faces further probe

According to reports the FA are now investigating a possible further charge of racism against Emre. This second incident (following on from the alleged incident of racism during the Everton away match) apparently occurred during the Bolton match on 15 October.

Now, is it just me or does anyone else think that if something had occurred during the Bolton match, would it not have come to light straight after the game, and not four months later? The BBC claim that the FA have written to El-Hadji Diouf and asked if he wants to submit a written statement. Presumably this means that he hasn't already done so. In which case, what (or who) prompted them to write to Diouf in the first place?

The whole thing strikes me as having been whipped up in a bid to further unsettle our already beleaguered (and presumed innocent) midfielder. If Emre is found guilty of either charge then that's a whole different matter, but at present he's innocent. To start digging into games which happened months ago strikes me as somewhat far fetched. If Emre had abused Diouf, can anyone honestly imagine that the Bolton player would have meekly accepted the insult and carried on with the game, rather than respond (possibly via the medium of phlegm) at the time?

Update: Change the title of this post to "probes" plural. There's a suggestion that Watford's Al Bangoura is lining up a similar complaint against Emre. Once again, we can only express our incredulity. His guilt as regards the incident at Goodison Park needs to be decided, but both of these latest claims should surely be thrown out.


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