Tuesday, November 07, 2006

He's behind you

Panto season appears to have started early at St James Park, with Glenn Roeder reduced to looking nervously over his shoulder following the revelation that Fat Fred is behind him.

In a statement to anyone who would point a camera/dictaphone at him our charming chairmen has come out fighting, reasserting his position as prize turkey by stating "if it was Christmas I'd be worried" and also trying to sound like a man of the people: "I'm no different from any other Newcastle supporter". Let's not forget that's the same man of the people who described Geordie women as dogs to a News of the World Reporter whilst in a Spanish brothel.

I will agree with Shepherd that he has "made some mistakes" during his time as Chairman: appointing Souness; the chase of Rooney; not sacking Robson when he should have done; sacking Robson when he shouldn't; the whole Fake Sheikh thing; buying players we shouldn't have shown the slightest interest in; etc.

I'm pragmatic enough to appreciate that Newcastle United are a business, and running a business (and in particular a PLC) is a job which has it's own challenges, but equally carries massive financial rewards. To imply that Freddie's doing the club a service by sticking around is absolute crap - the only people benefiting from that are Fat Fred and his cronies. The sooner they accept this, and leave, the better. If that means they enjoy one final pay day from a new investor, then I can live with that - the frustration at seeing his grubby palms lined with more coins offset by the fact that I'll never again have to see his chubby little face or hear his "man of the people" self-opinionated rhetoric.

As for Roeder, I'm happy for him to remain in charge - I genuinely believe he's doing his best, and has the best intentions of the club at heart. Although, I must admit I'm starting to find his repeated references to himself in the third person somewhat disconcerting.


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