Saturday, March 25, 2006


Saturday afternoon, and here I am listening to Chelsea cheat their way to another win as the rain lashes down outside.

I had contemplated the possibility of taking advantage of the fact that our game against Charlton has been switched to tomorrow by taking in a Welsh Premier League game. Cwmbran would have probably been the nearest option had they been at home, but unfortunately they're away at Connah's Quay, so I'd decided I'd be off to Llanelli instead to see them take on Newtown.

But the combination of a raging hangover and the prospect of travelling for over an hour just to stand in the pissing rain soon put paid to that idea. And I'm rather glad, too - I've just noticed the game was abandoned at half-time due to a waterlogged pitch...

Of course, you wouldn't find hardier souls like Skif or Jonathan wussing out that easily...


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