Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A lot of fuss over nothing

No fewer than five "news"papers - the Sun, the Mirror, the Star, the Mail and the Times, bastions of truth and journalistic integrity the lot of them - came out this morning declaring that Freddie Shepherd was lining up a "shock" move for Everton boss David Moyes. It would only be a shock, of course, because his seems to have been one of the only names pitched into the speculation by the papers in question.

In any case, both clubs have moved swiftly to quash the rumours.

Shepherd: "Newcastle United have not approached David Moyes, will not approach David Moyes, and wish him and Everton Football Club only the best of success".

Toffees chairman Bill Kenwright: "Fabrication and total nonsense".

So, is that the end of it? Probably - but stranger things have happened in football and you certainly can't trust Fat Fred enough to take him at his word. We know that from experience.

It's not too hard to see why Moyes might have caught the directors' collective eye. He's a passionate manager who has got the very best out of a pretty average set of players, instilled a real team ethic and work-rate, and has forged a mean defence.

That said, Everton haven't always performed well under his charge, narrowly escaping relegation a couple of seasons ago, and at least a couple of his summer signings (Per Koldrup and Simon Davies) were very questionable. Given the fact that they lost out to us over Scott Parker and Emre, would he really have the stature to convince talented European players to join, and the likes of Owen and Given to stay at the club? I'm not sure. In any case, it's irrelevant now - as long as both Shepherd and Kenwright were being honest, that is...


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