Thursday, February 16, 2006

Babs banned

Celestine Babayaro's attempt to have his red card against Villa overturned has failed. Our left-back will now miss Saturday's FA Cup match against Southampton and the rescheduled Premiership clash with Charlton.

Was it worth appealing the decision? I think so. It was an ungainly challenge, Babayaro's leg colliding with Baros's knee without making contact with the ball, but the striker went down like a sack of spuds (as is his wont) and it wasn't a cynical attempt to prevent a goalscoring opportunity - if anything, Baros was running sideways away from goal. The penalty alone would have been sufficient punishment.

Just a shame the appeals panel didn't agree. I guess this now means Robbie Elliott will start both games. While his lack of pace is more than a little concerning, Elliott would I think be preferable in that role over N'Zogbia, who looked distinctly uncomfortable when played out of position against Wigan in the League Cup, and in any case is performing well on the left side of midfield.


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