Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Woody: would he?

Interesting speculation today that Jonathan Woodgate may cut short his mostly unhappy Spanish sojourn and return to Tyneside in the summer. Mind you, it was in the Daily Express.

Perhaps I'm taking it too seriously by posting about it, just as perhaps the club is by issuing a statement on the subject.

But there's no doubt that the fans would welcome a fully-fit Woodgate back to St James' Park like the proverbial prodigal son. ("A fully-fit Woodgate?", you say, "Fat chance".) He might not be the brightest star in God's sky, but he's certainly got more of a footballing brain than all our current defenders put together. A brilliant player, and without doubt the finest defender I've ever seen in a black and white shirt. How much would he cost, though?

The club statement ends: "He is someone who was very popular with staff and fans alike during his time at Newcastle and, as a person, he is always welcome any time he wants to visit St James'". "As a person"? Scratch that. Jonathan, visit any time you like - preferably on a match day. We'll sort you out with a shirt nee botha...


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