Thursday, December 01, 2005

A new low

Wigan 1 - 0 Newcastle

This one's going to be short. Well, if they can't be bothered, then neither can I - the difference being that I'm not getting paid thousands of pounds a week to not be bothered.

In stark contrast to Sunday's game against Everton, and indeed our visit to the JJB Stadium earlier in the season, there was no sense of injustice at the scoreline whatsoever.

Not only were we outplayed and outfought by Wigan's reserve side, we were outclassed by them. Yes, that's right - outclassed. We may have been missing a few key players, but there was still over £40m worth of "talent" on display in green and black stripes.

Utterly, utterly pathetic.

A succinct end to an unusually succinct match report: Souness out.

Other reports: BBC, Guardian


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