Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Assault 'n' vinegar

As the punchline to the old "What's Lee Bowyer's favourite flavour of crisps?" joke goes.

Master Bowyer will find himself in the headlines in the wrong part of the paper tomorrow after agreeing an out-of-court settlement with Sarfraz Najeib and his brother - a move that, his solicitors have stressed, has been made "without any admission of liability by Lee".

When I read the headline given to the story by the BBC - "Bowyer payout for attack victim" - my initial response went something along the lines of: "On top of his standard £80,000-a-week wage? That Kieron Dyer's a lucky little bastard"...

Speaking of which incident, NUFC.com have today made the very valid point that, whereas Bowyer and Dyer's lamentable bout of fisticuffs could result in prosecution, the incredible violence that broke out during the England v Samoa eggchasing match at the weekend is likely to be brushed off as "part and parcel of the game". But then that's because it's a gentleman's sport.

Also in the dock today (metaphorically if not literally) has been Alan Shearer, who faced trial-by-Daily-Mail-and-Guardian-Fiver-amongst-others for clobbering Everton's David Weir with an elbow in Sunday's match. A witchhunt it may have become, and the FA may be powerless to act because Howard Webb saw the incident and did nothing, but there's little doubt that Shearer is lucky not to be facing a suspension.


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