Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Getting our hopes up

Still smarting from our lunchtime defeat at Wigan, I spent Saturday afternoon listening to Alan Green's Radio 5 commentary on the Chelsea v Bolton match. Imagine my amazement and delight at the fact that Green repeatedly referred to the presence of "Amdy Faye" in the heart of the Bolton midfield.

Amazement at the way he had put in a 45 minute "shift" for us at the JJB Stadium and then apparently jetted off to west London for a more punishing 90 minutes.

Delight at the possibility that we might be shot of him, the useless oaf.

What a shame, then, that it was all a big cock-up and Green really meant Abdoulaye Faye. Just goes to show - you can't trust the BBC. Or a Man Utd fan.


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