Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Owen: post-deal reaction

A perspective on the Owen deal from the club that missed out:

Kopblog - "At the end of the day I just think Newcastle wanted him more, they put their money on the table and got their man. If we truly wanted to re-sign Owen I don’t know why we left it so late before making our move and despite an apparent desperate scramble in the eleventh hour where all kinds of deals and offloading of players were being considered, I’ve never been convinced that Rafa really saw Owen as part of his plans".

A selection of posts on the Owen deal from other football blogs:

Cheer Up Alan Shearer - "It may be a marriage of convenience, but make no mistake about it: Souness and Shepherd have pulled a rabbit out of their hats here. At a single stroke, Newcastle's season could be turned around. They desperately need goals in their side, and Owen will surely provide those".

Chelsea Blog - "at Newcastle, playing off a Shearer or a Luque will be right up his alley and his acquisition may finally bring out the best in the very rich Newcastle midfield, if only injury will spare them. The signing of Parker and Emre particularly is a visionary move by Souness, but they’ll need others to pull their weight. If we really must be honest, Newcastle’s problem isn’t really that they do not have the players to take them higher; their problem is that not everyone is pulling their weight in that team".

Footballist - "Much respect to the Magpies for the all-out campaign - public and private - to grab Owen. Getting the £17m bid accepted by Real put a massive thorn in the side of any Liverpool manoeuvre for the player".


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