Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Perfect 10?

Confirmation, then, that Michael Owen has passed his medical and is due to be unveiled as a Newcastle player at noon tomorrow, and will presumably take the vacant number 10 shirt.

Undoubtedly we've signed a player of quality, a proven goal scorer at both international and Premiership levels, someone who can turn a game in a split second, and has blistering pace.

Personally, this is the most exciting transfer we've made since we signed Shearer.

Whether he sticks about for as long, or scores as many goals under so many managers we shall have to wait and see - although without the local ties, and with a previously expressed desire to win major trophies, I can't imagine he'll stick around if we don’t show rapid signs of improvement. Stories abound that his contract features numerous get-out clauses, and to be honest I wouldn't blame him for that.

However, with him in the side it should create more space for Shearer, it once again gives us a long ball option (although hopefully not one we'll flog to death), whilst also giving opposing defenders far more to worry about.

Unlike some of our previous signings, he's a proven player, who we've paid big money for, but who still has a hunger for football and a settled home life, and should give us the edge we've lacked since Bellamy spat the dummy. Hopefully it'll also bring an end to our playing 4-5-1, which is possibly the most depressing formation in football.

Bring it on!


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