Saturday, August 06, 2005

And another one!

Cheer Up Alan Shearer (tut, tut) is a brand new collaborative football blog written by a bunch of chaps based in B&W&RAO's home-from-home Nottingham, one of whom is a Manchester Buccaneers fan (Lord Bargain) - hence the name (tut, tut).

Also contributing is Swiss Toni, whose cheery online demeanour casts suspicion on his claim to be a Wolves fan.

Those whose blog exhibits such a flagrant disrespect for one of England's finest strikers don't deserve to be dignified with a link - but in this case we'll make an exception as it's really rather a good site. The level of incredulity at the fact that Phil Neville has 52 England caps has been duly noted and approved of.

Incidentally, the "Cheer up Alan Shearer" song just makes me think of 20th October 1996 when we dished out that 5-0 pasting to the Mancs. They were already 2-0 down, and the visiting supporters were baiting Shearer (who'd turned them down that summer, choosing us instead) when he popped up on the wing and delivered an inch-perfect cross for Sir Les to head in the third. Cue all the players running to mob Ferdinand, except Wor Al who wheeled away to celebrate animatedly on his own right in front of the away fans. A big "fuck you", basically. I laughed heartily.

Let's just steer clear of the comparing trophies issue now, shall we? That's just not playing fair.


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