Monday, July 25, 2005

"I call it bereavement"

Sir Bobby Robson talks to Donald McRae of the Guardian about what went wrong at Newcastle: "During the three preceding seasons we'd never finished outside the top five. Then, four games into a new season, I'm gone. I hadn't even lost two consecutive matches so I was devastated. I say I'm almost over it but it will always rankle. I'll never forget what they did".

It's a very honest interview, and quite revealing about the current state of the club.

I'm not entirely sure what to think about Robson's forthcoming autobiography 'Farewell But Not Goodbye' (which the interview is plugging). On the one hand, he's obviously bitter about how shabbily he was treated by Shepherd in the end - and justifiably so - and therefore entitled to get it off his chest. On the other hand, however, it's resulting in more bad press for the club, and underlining once again how badly run the whole show is. We know already - do we really need it spelling out for the amusement and delight of opposition fans?


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