Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Courtroom drama

So, there we were, enjoying the respite of a quiet few weeks without having to read about the parlous state of Newcastle United on front and back pages day in and day out.

And then this story shatters the calm: Lee Bowyer is to appear in court charged with a public order offence following the on-pitch scrap with Kieron Dyer. Dyer has - rightly - escaped censure.

Wor Lee's no doubt taken the news in his stride, accustomed as he is to the inside of a courtroom. He's probably dusting down his trusty suit as I write.

With any luck the charming young man will be found guilty and then unceremoniously booted out on his arse. Of course, knowing us, we'll probably reward him with a new contract and a bonus.

In other news, Laurent Robert could be humping 40 yard shots into the sea and frustrating the hell out of fans on the South Coast next season, if Portsmouth manager Alain Perrin follows up his interest with a firm bid.

Though Robert has indicated his desire to leave, and even stated he's played his last game for the club, I can still see him being here at the start of the new season - Man City have allegedly already baulked at his wage demands, and we're right to be demanding a fee for a player with a year left on his contract, especially one who cost us £9.5m four years ago and can win games singlehandedly. When he can be arsed.


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