Monday, June 06, 2005

Back of the onion bag

With filming now finished, the first part in the forthcoming football based trilogy Goal! has now finished, and a UK release date of 30 September has been lined up.

The story is based around a Hispanic American who is spotted kicking a football in the states and signed by Newcastle United. The following two parts of the trilogy should see him move to Real Madrid and then find an Argentine passport and appear at a World Cup. (Like Nobby's Greek passport but kosher?)

As the team who first sign the youngster, we should be guaranteed a few shots of Newcastle excelling on the pitch, and pictures of team mates beating each other up mid-game should hopefully be confined to DVD extras rather than the local multiplex.

With cameos by Shearer, Dyer and Kluivert (the latter presumably down the quayside) and appearances by all and sundry connected with the club (please God everyone but Fat Freddie) it should be worth a watch, if only because as a work of fiction we might actually witness some success on the pitch.

For those of you who are interested, you can watch the trailer here.

Quite how the finished product will rank amongst the pantheon of "great" football films remains to be seen, but hopefully it will at least be better than When Saturday Comes – Newcastle winning something may be far fetched, but Sheffield United?!?


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