Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cisse makes peace as Welby declares war

At last, some positive news: the dispute between Papiss Cisse and the club has been resolved. By "resolved", I mean that Cisse has compromised and agreed to wear a Wonga-branded shirt. I wonder if the club used his casino-frequenting habits as a stick to beat him with? Regardless, it can only be a positive to have our principal goal threat available, especially with JFK continuing to fail spectacularly in his remit to bring in new players.

As for Wonga, they've hit the headlines again today with the news that the Archbishop of Canterbury has announced his intention to force them out of business by expanding existing credit unions, plans which have now received the backing of Business Secretary Vince Cable. Would Cisse have a problem with wearing a Church of England-branded shirt, I wonder?

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