Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Money talks

Newcastle's sponsorship deal with Virgin Money, inked in the wake of the latter's takeover of Northern Rock, has proven to be somewhat short-lived, with the announcement that it'll be ending a year earlier than scheduled. It's the club who have pulled the plug, though it's been stressed that they haven't done the dirty on the sponsors, instead exercising a pre-agreed contractual right. The reason for the move need hardly be spelled out, though Llambiarse did anyway: "a new sponsorship partner ... which represents an excellent commercial deal for both parties". Cold, hard cash, in other words.

Meanwhile, Jabba has been able to celebrate a victory of sorts over his old foe Dave Whelan. JJB Sports, the business founded by the Wigan owner though sold off in 2007, has gone into administration, with 20 of its stores to be rebranded as Sports Direct outlets and the rest closed down. While Whelan has expressed amazement at the company's rapid decline, Jabba will no doubt be trying to suppress a smirk.

The new shirt sponsor couldn't be Sports Direct, could it?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course it will be Sports Direct, who els? Fatty has his brand of tat splashed all over SJP er, I mean SDA. All NUFC is is a massive advertising board for his cheap rubbish brand. SD is his only no, NUFC means notrhing to him. He will stop at nothing. We will be called Newcastle Sports Direct FC within 2 years because he gets away with murder in this city. Unless 50,000 unite and drive him out he`s here forever!

9:25 am  
Blogger Ben said...

Frankly, at present I think that's unlikely to happen. Though not that long ago I was very much of the opinion we needed to oust him by any means possible, I think we have to acknowledge the work he's done to put the club on a firm financial footing and the moves made to ensure the long-term health of the club (we've been far too focused on the short term in the past). The decision to rebrand the stadium continues to rankle with me, but wearing the Sports Direct logo on our shirts wouldn't offend me so much.

1:28 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Sounds like he found someone to buy the shirt and the naming rights to SJP...

As long as Sports Direct is paying as much (or preferably more) than Virgin Money then I would hope most people can live with it. It's the 40k that Sports Direct "payed" for the naming rights that burns me.

6:29 pm  

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