Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quote of the day

"I’m hoping that I will educate our fans for next season. If they think we can finish fifth with a European campaign and the finances we’ve got, it’s impossible. I honestly believe that you need to be a bit more open with the fans. The problem some managers have is they’re not open enough. This year, I’m sure we’ll say something like, ‘We’re looking for a top-eight finish, hopefully attack one of the cups and have a great run in Europe. I wouldn’t say we couldn’t challenge for the top six if we got knocked out of Europe. Then we wouldn’t have those extra 13 games."

The Silver Fox tells the London Evening Standard that a healthy dose of realism is required. And so the careful management of the fans' expectations begins - probably wise, to be fair.




Anonymous GFH said...

How many Fans really agree with what AP is saying? In their hearts I mean. I suspect there will be those who just object on principle , and those who think he is just saying it to calm us down but doesn't really mean or believe it himself.
The question is , or ought to be, if not now then when?
Is AP suggesting it will be an alternate year event? One year we qualify , the next year we play in it etc etc.We wait to see

7:13 pm  

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