Friday, September 05, 2008

The end of the affair

The inevitable end of what has been one of the darkest weeks in the club's history came last night, with the announcement that Kevin Keegan had resigned as manager.

The power struggle between Keegan and Dennis Wise finally bubbled over, and with Keegan unwilling and unable to work with the poisoned dwarf it was clear that one of them had to go. That Ashley and Llambias have backed the latter speaks volumes for their contempt for the views of both the supporters and the players.

At some point this week I had intended to review the transfer window as a whole, but that exercise seems somewhat pointless now. Suffice to say, we didn't get the players Keegan wanted, and the backroom dealings which reportedly saw us touting the entire squad round the Premiership on deadline day was the straw which clearly broke the camel's back.

Keegan's gone. Southern based media will doubtless add the word "again" to that sentence, but in any walk of life it is nigh on impossible to work under the constraints imposed by a hierarchy at odds with your outlook, and apparently seeking to undermine you at every turn.

I wouldn't bank on seeing Mike Ashley in with the fans, or out on the toon anytime soon, and indeed suspect that he'll now be actively pursuing a buyer to take the club off his hands (if he hasn't already been doing that for the last year). Equally, I can't see how Wise's position is anything other than untenable. He'll presumably become manager for a brief spell, but given the vitriol that will surely come his way from the stands, can't see how that will last.

By failing to back Keegan, Ashley's ruined everything he'd been trying to build in the last year. The team presumably aren't happy, the fans can't stand him, nobody's going to want to replace Keegan given the level of interference from other parties, and the dwarf couldn't be hated anymore if he tried.

To think, I thought the previous Chairman was a fat incompetent fool out of touch with the views of the supporters...


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