Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dyer tribe

Thanks to the Icelandic Biscuit Baron, Kieron Dyer is now on his merry way to London, to be reunited with his kids having today completed his move to West Ham for an undisclosed fee.

Obviously, Dyer now links up with former colleagues Bellamy, Bowyer and Parker as Alan Curbishley seeks to pack his West Ham team with the sort of players you'd want your daughter to bring home.

For my part, the King of Bling will be remembered as a player who promised much, but consistently failed to deliver (principally because he enjoyed the high life a bit too much and also suffered a string of illnesses and injuries).

On his day, a world beater, unfortunately his days were too few and too far between.

So long Kieron, you won't be missed.


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