Saturday, July 07, 2007

Back-seat driver

In an interview with BBC's Look North this week, new deputy chairman Chris Mort gave us some idea of what kind of owner Mike Ashley is going to be.

"I think reclusive is the wrong word because that's not his character at all. But what Mike doesn't want to do is become a general celebrity ... He doesn't want to be the larger-than-life character sitting in the front row of the directors' box."

So he doesn't want to be Fat Fred, then? That suits us just fine.

Probably sensibly, Mort refused to give details of any timescales or targets - though interestingly what he said about Fat Sam wasn't anywhere nearly as enthusiastic as it could have been: "Sam’s a great appointment. He’s obviously not our appointment but we have no problems with the role that Sam has and we’re sticking with him". That makes it sound as though they feel lumbered with the decision of the previous administration. Could it be that he won't be given long to prove himself?


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