Friday, September 01, 2006

Will you start the plans, please

Imagine, if you will, that you are responsible for Fenwicks Christmas window.

You spend the whole year planning and building, before you unveil your display before the expectant Geordie public in November. Then, once Christmas has been and gone, the whole thing is quickly pulled down to make way for the January sales, and you start planning for the next year.

That's the secret: planning as soon as the window display comes down, to make sure that the next display is as good, if not better.

You don't spend time looking at other displays, or considering other options as late as October. Instead you formulate a plan early, work hard and make sure that it comes to fruition in good time.

If the people at Fenwicks can grasp this, why can't Newcastle Utd?

The transfer window has closed, leaving us once again bewildered and frustrated. (Probably not quite as bewildered and frustrated as James Milner, but close.) What we must do now is ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Now is the time to plan.

We've got four months until the next transfer window opens. In that time, we need to identify our weaknesses, scout for players who can be obtained to strengthen those areas in which we are lacking, and do everything possible to ensure that come New Year's Day, those players are signing on the dotted line.

What we can't do is wait until the end of January before panicking and throwing money at anyone who looks remotely available.

You don't see Fenwicks putting a bit of mangy tinsel wrapped around a ladder in the window on Christmas Eve, do you?


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