Saturday, August 20, 2005

What goes around, comes around

Schadenfreude - isn't it great? At least it is when, for once, it's not our misfortunes that provoke the smirks.

It seems that that loveable scamp Craig Bellamy went off to join up with the Welsh national squad and picked up an injury in training. Bellamy's new boss Mark Hughes was less than impressed and berated Wales manager John Toshack and his medical team.

So well done to Toshack for pointing out the irony of the situation:

"'If we can just turn the clock back to the Italy game [in 2003] when the Newcastle people absolutely slated Mark Hughes about the Bellamy injury', said Toshack of the time Newcastle claimed Bellamy was not fit to play in Milan. 'I phoned Mark and told him 'don't waste your energy on this, don't let it worry you; you're perfectly within your rights, just send Newcastle a fax with the Fifa rules'. He [Hughes] thanked me for the call so now I'm a little bit surprised to receive the same kind of criticism from the Blackburn people that he received from the Newcastle people - strangely enough over the same player'".

And the best bit of the whole saga is that there's a good chance Bellamy won't be fit to face us at Ewood Park on 18th September.


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