Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Land rights wrongs

In light of Jabba's apparent plan to sell off the lease on land next to the Gallowgate End, NUST has rightly posed a couple of key questions. First, what impact would any sale have on the possibility of being able to extend the stadium at some point in the future, when we might be attracting fans rather than boring the usual 50,000 to tears? And second, where would the revenue raised from the sale go - straight into Jabba's back pocket? It would be interesting to know the club's responses, though I wouldn't hold out much hope of dialogue given the frostiness of their relations following the Fans Forum ban.

Meanwhile, in addition to a public meeting about the land sale, NUST are also organising a comedy night. No need, really - watching our games at present is to witness high farce...

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