Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lucky seven?

So it's a £60,000 fine and a seven-match ban for the Silver Fox, and for the first three games (Fulham away followed by Crystal Palace and Everton at home) he can't even be in the stadium. The length of the ban is a Premier League record for a manager, but comes as little surprise - indeed he might have expected worse, such has been the media hysteria surrounding the incident.

Our position remains the same: while the so-called headbutt has undoubtedly been blown out of proportion by some in the media, it was nevertheless an act of rash stupidity that has brought shame on the club and undermined his status as someone our players are supposed to look up to and respect. The Silver Fox has sailed close to the wind on a number of occasions - let's hope this is the wake-up call he needs to improve his touchline conduct.

Of course, in the Silver Fox's absence all the focus and scrutiny will be on his deputy John Carver, hardly the least combustible character himself. What odds on him picking up an FA charge of his own?

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Anonymous BeeGuy said...

This all reminds me of some Victorian magic act or National Enquirer story where the actual event is covered up by refocusing attention on something else.

Recap: Mylor slams into AP. Then when AP comes back at him Mylor pushes again. AP gives him a bump & Mylor raises fist. So why do we just see AP's action?

In the USA, this was a "Stand Your ground" moment. How would have John Wayne reacted to Mylor? Mylor would be in one big pile of do-do.

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