Saturday, November 02, 2013

Alan attack

If you can overlook the occasional bit of groundless guff (e.g. the suggestion that he personally had a hand in ousting Chris Hughton) and the fact that it's now more than two months old, this Vice article on the Silver Fox is an entertaining read, not least for the marvellous turns of phrase. For instance: "At that point, I imagine, he lay in bed at night, thinking of what might have been, haunted by visions of Steve Claridge and Manish Bhasin patting an empty seat in their Football League Show sex dungeon."

I'm still not quite sure what the Silver Fox is guilty of to have aroused so much animus - surely there are plenty of other figures within football, and indeed within football management, who are significantly more unpleasant and Machiavellian than our manager. It's also worth noting that, despite being written two months ago, it's still sadly spot on about Papiss Cisse's shattered confidence.

(Thanks to Leon for the link.)

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