Thursday, October 10, 2013

An arresting stat

Yesterday I concluded the monthly round-up for September by saying that as a Newcastle fan it would be nice to be able to feel pride rather than acute embarrassment. Today brought news of a stat that's hardly likely to help with that: according to Home Office figures, our supporters topped last year's Premier League arrests table, with 175 arrests over the course of the season, 30 more than our closest "rivals" Man Utd.

That said, more than 100 arrests came in the wake of the derby defeat, and Chief Supt Steve Neill of Northumbria Police suggested that many of those participating in the riots hadn't actually been at the match. So, not for the first time, a bunch of mindless yobs calling themselves supporters give the rest of us a bad name- despite what Neill said at the time.

The data is broken down by location and type of offence here.

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