Friday, June 07, 2013

Trotters turn down a fast buck from QuickQuid

Now here's something you don't find every day in the world of football: an instance of ethics and principle triumphing over cold, hard cash. Last week we reported that Bolton's hierarchy were receiving flak from fans and local MPs alike for the decision to sign a shirt sponsorship deal with payday loans company QuickQuid. Remarkably, people power has now prevailed and the club have backtracked, issuing a statement admitting: "Whilst we anticipated some negative responses from the initial agreement, we underestimated the adverse reaction to the sector of business in which the sponsor operated".

What chance a similar scenario playing out at St James' Park? None. While the Wonga deal initially stirred up some controversy and opposition, the kerfuffle has since died down (no doubt to the considerable relief of both club and company) and there's no longer the sort of public pressure that would be required to force Jabba, Llambiarse et al to reconsider. If it was going to happen, it would surely have happened shortly after the original announcement was made - and even then the hierarchy is hardly renowned for its receptiveness to fans' voices. As it is, we're lumbered with endorsing a company who operate in a sector recently lambasted for "widespread irresponsible lending" by the Office of Fair Trading and branded "out of control" by Citizens Advice. And there we were hoping that being associated with irresponsibility and excessive behaviour was very much a thing of the past...

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