Friday, October 19, 2012

Go compare

The results of this year's Price of Football survey, carried out by the BBC, are in - and there's some good PR for us. On the assumption that a matchday involves the purchase of a walk-up ticket, a programme, a pie and a cup of tea, Newcastle offer the cheapest day out of any club in the Premier League, the combined cost coming to just £23. It won't come as much surprise to learn that the matchday experience is most expensive at Chelsea, £49.60, but it is notable that it's nearly twice as much (£45) for newly promoted Reading at the Madejski as it is at St James' Park.

What's more, we offer a cheaper day out than all but four Championship clubs (discounting Cardiff and Derby, who have so-called "dynamic" ticket pricing), all but three League 1 clubs and all but nine League 2 clubs. Quite remarkable. (Of course, it's worth suggesting that the matchday experience of many supporters would be more accurately reflected if the liquid refreshment was lager rather than tea...)

We don't fare quite so well when it comes to comparing prices of the cheapest season tickets, but at £322 ours is still the third lowest in the Premier League. Wigan's is £255 (and yet still no one goes), while champions Man City can boldly boast the next cheapest at £275. By contrast, the cheapest season ticket available at the Emirates is a staggering £985 - £76 more than our most expensive. Little wonder that Arsenal are one of the few clubs in the Premier League who continually make a profit.

Again, this makes us cheaper than 14 Championship clubs (including the Smogs), five League 1 clubs and three League 2 clubs (one of whom, Rotherham, are like the Gunners no doubt keen to recoup the cost of their spanking new stadium).

The headline findings are detailed here, with the full figures here and an explanation of the background to the survey here.

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