Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Off to see the wizard

An insight from the Daily Heil (six words I never thought I'd type together) as to what life is really like behind the curtain at Newcastle's training ground.

Thankfully even drawing back the veil doesn’t just reveal an old man pretending to be something he’s not, but instead a whole bunch of people who appear absolutely thrilled to be washing kit/cleaning boots/cooking goat curry etc. as part of the well-oiled machine that currently is Newcastle Utd.

Well worth a read if you've got a few minutes, my favourite snippet being the fact that SBR had to be educated on the difference between a washing machine and a tumble dryer, and managed to persuade the laundry team to wash and press his suits and shirts for him. (Mind, given SBR couldn't always tell the difference between his own players, it's hardly a shock that he mixed up laundry appliances).




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