Thursday, April 12, 2012

Toon's very own Masterchef cooking up a treat

It seems everyone's playing their part in our extraordinary season - from the players and manager right down to the catering staff. Speaking to the Telegraph, Papiss Cisse has underlined the old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach: "It was a Senegalese dish called Yassa, which I love. I can’t cook it, but the chef at the club, Liz, did a really great job. It was fantastic. It is another example of how the club has made me feel so welcome and I appreciated it very much."

So, Liz, take a bow - can we, on behalf of all Newcastle supporters, give you a hearty thanks? From chicken and beans to strawberry syrup and goat curry - a sign of the times at St James'.

Also very much making himself at home on Tyneside, according to Big Lad, is HBA. There's no hint of begrudging bitterness in our Geordie frontman's assessment of one of the trio currently keeping him out of the side: "He's such a talent. It's such a nice thing to have in your arsenal. For somebody to be able to do that, to run past players as if they weren't there and finish like that, is a joy to behold. It's great for us because we see that every day. When he does stuff like that it's a piece of magic that nobody else on that pitch could do." Indeed. Excuse me, I'm off to watch that goal against Bolton again...

But just before I disappear, and while we're on the subject of eating, I'll leave you with this: the delicious sight of TBW taking a deep breath and trying her best to stomach our achievements. Marvellous.

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