Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quote of the day

"I want to stay at this club for a long, long time and, hopefully, because I am still only 23, I can do that. I am loving life, and going to places like Old Trafford is special."

Music to our ears from Tim Krul. It seems he hasn't realised that he could be going to Old Trafford every other week if he was to move to Man Utd - long may his ignorance continue.

Also talking enthusiastically about the club of late is Obertan Kenobi, who experienced life both in Manchester and St James' Park: "I have never experienced anything like this at Newcastle. So many people follow the club and the passion around it. It's unbelievable. All the people wearing the shirts. It is great in a way but sometimes quite hard and we have been lucky with the results so far. It is good – you feel really loved." There was a caveat, though: "But I think it may be difficult when we lose." And, predictably enough, the Frenchman expressed puzzlement about the Geordie dress code: "I don't understand English people. It's freezing and just to look cool they wear T-shirts. I prefer looking really horrible, staying in my car and keeping warm..."

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