Thursday, December 15, 2011

I ain't consultin' no professional, fool

The wonders of modern medicine, the specialist know-how of fitness specialists and physiotherapists, the expertise of sports psychologists. All fine and well but, according to the Mirror, not enough for Mr T, who has allegedly tried to speed up recovery from his knee injury by heading home to the Ivory Coast to pay a visit to "his favourite witch doctor" and get the curse lifted.

Two things struck me about this, apart from the obvious WTF?. Firstly, the article refers to this particular witch doctor being Mr T's "favourite" - like he knows loads of others to choose from. And secondly, if he did indeed fly back home, then I assume he had to be given some drugged milk first.

Meanwhile, the Silver Fox has been taking notes from the managerspeak textbook by reiterating our determination to cling on to the midfielder in the transfer window while at the same time making clear that that resolve would evaporate if Chelsea, Man Utd or whoever were to offer us the right price...




Blogger Unknown said...

Of course you need more than one witch doctor... I'm sure he's going to see a specialist. Not to mention I'm sure there's problems with who will accept NUFC's insurance plan. It's pretty obvious when you think about it...

Bravo on this post! I needed a good laugh today!

7:18 pm  

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