Friday, August 12, 2011

Prediction time

Having assessed the prospects of all of the teams around us (here and here), and our own current strengths and weaknesses (here), it now falls to me to hazard a guess at how the table might look come May 2012. So here goes:

1 Chelsea
2 Man Utd
3 Man City
4 Liverpool
5 Arsenal
6 Spurs
7 Everton
8 The Great Unwashed
9 Stoke
10 Fulham
11 Newcastle Utd
12 Bolton
13 West Brom
14 Aston Villa
15 Swansea
16 Norwich
17 Wolves
18 Wigan
19 QPR
20 Blackburn

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Blogger DamianMakePeace said...

Swap Norwich and QPR, and place stoke 11th, Newcastle 10th, Fulham 9th.

4:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't agree with that at all. everton 7th? they've not bought any players

4:35 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Anonymous: That may be true, but who do you see as better than Everton? Their defence and midfield is better than anyone's outside the top six - it's only up front that they struggle a bit.

9:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my predictions:

1. Manchester City – Don’t think it’s gonna happen just hope it’s not Man U
2. Manchester United – A disastrous season
3. Chelsea – I hope Vilas Boas survives a 3rd place finish
4. Liverpool – I hope I’m wrong
5. Arsenal – The Wenger experiment has failed
6. Tottenham – Not enough wheeling and dealing
7. Newcastle – I’m biased
8. Stoke City – Thanks to the set piece
9. Fulham – Jol have them playing well
10. West Bromwich Albion – The magic of Woy will put them in the top 10
11. Sunderland – As long as they’re not top 10
12. Aston Villa – McLeish will be a disaster
13. Everton – Haven’t signed someone since 1997
14. Bolton – Nobody to score goals
15. QPR – Richest club in the world that doesn’t spend any money
16. Norwich – Canaries will survive thanks the Canada
17. Wolves – No comment
18. Wigan – No more heroics
19. Blackburn Rovers – Venkys will enjoy the Championship
20. Swansea – I hope they prove me wrong

1:08 pm  

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