Saturday, May 14, 2011

Web presents

A few weeks ago I wrote about the plight of our women's side, and wondered whether NUST had offered to help them improve their website. Well, the Trust's Tony Stephenson has replied to my query: "NUST has previously been in communication with NUWFC regarding offers of assistance etc. We hope that in the future we may be able to build a relationship with NUWFC that will be mutually beneficial." It doesn't sound like there's been much co-operation thus far, but if there's a will then hopefully there's a way.

Anything that helps to raise the profile of NUWFC and the club's connections to grassroots football at a local level can surely only be a good thing. You have to ask, though, whether the club shouldn't be doing more, rather than leaving it to the likes of fan-run enterprises like NUST to make amends.




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Until the women's team develops players that can be sold for a huge profit, Fat Mike won't give a shit.

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