Thursday, April 14, 2011

Link-up play

If you're a fan of serious, thoughtful, well-researched football blogging of any hue (and if you are, what brought you here?), then you really should have a read of Lanterne Rouge's latest post over at The Two Unfortunates on the subject of the "economic geography of football", prompted by a trip to the North East for last weekend's Northern League Day.

Rather less likely to meet with approval from you, dear reader, is another of his recent posts in defence of the Mackem Tango Man. "Is Phil Brown really that odious?", he asks. Well, yes - yes, he is.

Next, a long-overdue link to fellow Toon blog Leazes Terrace, worth a look for its excellent post-match tactical analysis in particular. Nice to hear its creators were complimentary about this 'ere site on said Northern League Day, incidentally...

And finally, courtesy of Leon, we're liking Football Venn Diagrams - a simple concept, well executed. There must be scope for a Newcastle-related one, surely...

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