Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wor Wayne?

So, Wayne, you're intent on leaving Man Utd citing a lack of ambition and once upon a time considered a move to Tyneside - would an ambition to, er, avoid relegation back to the Championship be enough to tempt you this time?

I'm sure you'd find some lovely ladies to fraternise with down at the Pig & Whistle - or if you'd prefer to keep a low profile one of your new team-mates would be only too happy to take the tabloid heat for you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

after Taylors underhanded attempts to put Carrol under more stress by dragging him through the press with burnt cars and scandle, we could offer Manu Carrol plus cash for shrek?
I would pref to get rid of taylor though as he has it in for Carrol.

5:58 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Hang on a minute - are you suggesting you've already solved the mystery of who torched Carroll's car and that there's a trail of petrol leading to Steven Taylor's house?

I think you may have been sniffing the fumes, my friend. There's no anti-Carroll conspiracy - he's thrusting himself into disrepute.

Oh, and our chances of signing Rooney are zero...

6:47 pm  

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