Monday, October 11, 2010

Taking the law into their own hands?

It is being reported in the press that Marseille are contemplating sueing Nigel de Jong following his leg-breaking tackle on Hatem Ben Arfa.

This raises a number of questions. What they are seeking compensation for? Are they responsible for the player's medical bills, and looking to recoup the cost from the Dutchman, or are they simply concerned with any potential loss in value for the player in the hope that he returns?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are french, therefore they sue.
They love a good wrangle for liberty, fraternity, egalitie.
Good luck to them.
If nee one else is ganna dee owt?
+ the reasons you state.
We've virtually got shot of crowd violence, why not rid ourselves of pitch violence.
Ugly anti-football.

3:57 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

You guys would probably know the details better than me, but I thought I remember reading something like Marseille would get £4M for a permanent transfer at the end of the season if Newcastle wanted to keep him?

Could that be what they're after? Assuming we're not going to want to keep him...

8:32 pm  
Anonymous Michael said...

I think it's more likely the later as his current loan deal has a clause for a buyout at the end of the season which will be a lot less likely if he's still not fully fit

8:51 pm  

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