Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mr misdemeanour

You know how it is - you've been entrusted with the prestigious number 9 shirt and handed a fresh five-year deal with your hometown club, and you respond to that honour and responsibility by forgetting you've already got one court appearance for alleged assault lined up for the month and so book yourself another. Honestly, the boy must have a brain the size of a peanut.

Reacting to the news of that new contract, I noted that "as raw as he is, there's plenty of potential there" - but added a caveat: "... if he can knuckle down and focus". Sadly, Bigger Lad being involved in a bust-up is fast becoming about as newsworthy as ursine defecation in wooded areas. "The future of this club", according to Llambiarse? Not at the current rate. The future of a convicts XI, perhaps.

Presumably it's been decreed that he should be placed in the care and supervision of Kevin Nolan as the latter is our captain. Just as well he wasn't packed off for a cooling-off/rehabilitation period with the other Scouser in our midfield.

Bigger Lad, the message is clear and remains the same: grow up.


It seems as though the odd couple are reporting on their time together on Twitter: "Andy is off to bed, his dressing gown doesn't reach his knees! Buzz Lightyear slippers as well, not cool big man"...

(Thanks to Tim for the link.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have it on good authority that Mr Nolan is not averse to shifting a pint or 8, maybe recipe for disaster

5:05 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

When are they going to announce that they are going to be turning this into another crappy reality TV show?

This is the story of two footballers court ordered to live in a house...

12:58 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Like it, Bob: 'Day 12 in the Kevin Nolan House, and Andy Carroll accuses the person in the mirror of looking at him funny...'

1:01 pm  

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