Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Forgotten men

Xisco - remember him? £5.7m? £50,000 a week? Unwanted by King Kev? Yep, thought that might have brought back the memories - and the cold sweat.

Well, Chris Hughton's been full of praise for a player whose Toon career has never got started: "He came back in the summer and his attitude has been very good. He worked hard and showed a very good approach in training. It is no reflection on his effort or application that we've decided to use other players so far". If it's not his effort or application that are at fault, then you have to assume it's just his quality...

Hughton had some encouragement for the Spaniard - "I have emphasised to all of them who aren't in the team that they have to keep pushing hard for selection. If they do that then the door isn't shut to anyone" - but also acknowledges that a loan deal like the one that took him to Racing Santander last season might well be the best option for both parties.

Meanwhile, we've also had the extremely dubious pleasure of hearing from the man who stepped into the breach following King Kev's walkout - albeit second-hand, via our former striker Mick Harford, who recently caught up with JFK after a charity cricket match. Apparently "one day he would love to go back to Newcastle – he absolutely loved his time there and holds the club, the fans and the city in the highest regard". Well, the feeling is most certainly not mutual.

Was it the self-confessed Mackem fan in Harford coming to the surface when he declared "He certainly made his mark there!"? If by that he means dismaying the fans and instantly getting the local press on his back with that infamous tirade without any discernible or consistent improvement in results, then yes, he did make his mark.

Delusional as ever, JFK is "absolutely certain" he'd have kept the club in the Premier League had he not fallen ill - but Harford is hardly much better, claiming that JFK brought "stability" and that "it really harmed the club to keep chopping and changing managers that season". Funnily enough, Mick, that's exactly how the buffoon got the job in the first place - and, for the record, the club didn't axe King Kev (or at least not in the conventional manner, even if the circumstances of his departure were adjudged to constitute constructive dismissal) or JFK (whose heart condition meant he was unfit to work)...


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