Monday, August 09, 2010

Choose leisure wear and matching luggage

With the Football League campaign underway, and the Charity Shield presumably already off to a pawn shop to keep the Glazer family's debt collectors at bay, the Guardian has reached "N" in its preview of the Premier League season.

So here it is, and the collective Guardian writers' view is (cue: drum roll) that we'll finish 16th.

Don't know about you, but I'd take that now.

Aside from a load of twaddle, the comments box has provided one highlight which deserves a wider audience (step forward JonathanHigginsIII at 1.43pm):

"Barton: Hhmmm, I need to soften my image, what should I do.
(Walks past a Trainspotting poster.)
Barton: Eureka!"

So, as long as he continues to grow his 'tache to boost morale, ASBO shall henceforth (at least on this site) be known as Begbie.


Blogger Unknown said...

"A total psycho, but he's a (team)mate, so what can you do?"

1:54 pm  

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