Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He's a Sol man

According to the BBC, Sol Campbell has returned from his honeymoon and gone straight off to have a medical before signing a contract to joining Newcastle Utd.

With a shortage of defenders, let alone ones with top flight experience, Campbell looks a decent acquisition by Chris Hughton. He may not be the youngest or quickest player out there, but what Campbell will be able to add is all his experience. If he can pass that on to Messrs Taylor, Williamson, Kadar, Perch, Simpson and Enrique whilst also trying to plug the holes in our defence which Norwich managed to expose at the weekend, then he'll be worth his weight in gold.

Having just married a local lass, it always seemed likely that a player nearing the end of his playing career would want to stay local and as Ol' Cauliflower Face has just added Agent Bramble to his rabble, we looked to be Sol's best hope of a commutable top flight employer.

On a free, albeit probably on pretty tidy wages, Campbell still looks a decent short term signing - if we can use his experience to keep us up this season, then this could prove to be the best signing we make all summer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

would be a go addition, also the signing of Sol Campbell makes perfect sense and he will be a great amabassador as to how to train/play look after yourself to the younger players we have. Steve Stone and Beardsley in the reserve set up again good decision. Graham Carr another geordie who us older ones will remember mabde a good job of it at Northampton as manager years ago will be a good scout.
Ive said it before and ill say it again Chris houghton has had his life in the game under some good people as well and maybe we are just the club for him as I believe after all the hype and egos (Sam still doesnt think he did anything wrong)of previous managers that his quiet respected manner is just what we need, he certainly doesnt pander to the press pack. he often gets written down by people as to who he isnt eg hes not shearer but i think this suits him. this league wasnt a stroll by players who shouldnt ohave gone down, we could have quite easilly done a leeds or shef weds, the fact is he did what we needed to do and rebult the confidence and belief of the players. Well done Chris and good luck in the coming season finally we have a manager more interested in the club than his own ego, just wjat we need. please lets get behind him and the team and get back to supporting the club we love in a way that sets us up as the best. not just the best whingers.

( I dont include shearer in this who set himself up for a fall out of pure love for the club )

12:06 pm  
Blogger Michael R said...

I have my doubts but I hope you're right.

The most important this for a team trying to avoid relegation (and for this season at least that includes us) is to make sure you have a stingy defense.

1:06 pm  

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