Thursday, July 01, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen Pet

Damn and blast the current drought of decent, substantial Toon-related news stories, for leaving us with far too much time to cast envious glances elsewhere.

In the direction of the Reebok, for instance, where Bolton can't believe their luck to have pinched Bulgarian international winger Martin Petrov on a free transfer, following his release by Man City. The Trotters' understandably delighted manager Owen Coyle has declared Petrov "probably one of the best Bosman transfers available", and he's not wrong.

It's a deal that makes our own conspicuous lack of activity all the more concerning - not least because Bolton are one of the sides we'll be expecting to be battling against down towards the lower reaches of the table. Still, I suppose we could try to look on the bright side: it might mean they're less inclined to attempt to lure City's Vladimir Weiss back on loan...

In other news: our new kit has been unveiled amidst the usual platitudinous guff about Puma and the club having developed "a way of thinking that is fan-centric" (.cock's story comes complete with a photo of Steve Harper pulling a smile as though forced to express appreciation for a present of a Christmas jumper from his nan at gunpoint); rumours suggest that we're pursuing PSG's Turkish striker Mevlut Erding (and for a sizeable fee, too); and Stevie Watson has declared confidence in our ability to stay up next season and therefore probably put the kiss of death on our prospects of survival.


Blogger Pradajames said...

Erding is the goods. He'd fit well in the hole behind Carroll. Saw him play a few times last year, def tough enough for the PL with the skill to play out on the wing if necessary.

3:59 am  

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